Next Club Nights

September 17th will be the start of the new season. The club’s own art photographer Margaret Campbell will talk in the second half of the night on ‘Glasgow, an Alternative View’  over 25 years of photographing Glasgow, the book and exhibition of the images.

The first competition hand in will be Tuesday 15th October.

The 2019-20 syllabus is now available

Club News

A third summer club trip was to Glasgow Airport.  The pictures are from Andy Hamilton, Stephen Pratt and John Hannah.

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Diane organised a second successful trip for the club. This time it was sports action photography at Pinkston, Scotland’s only artificial whitewater course in July 2019.

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These pictures were provided by Alex Easton, George Robertson, Stephen Pratt, Neil MacGregor and Diane Simile

The first event Diane organised was a group trip to the Isle of  May. Many thanks to Diane for making this collection of images from the group as well as to those who produced them.  There is a very sharp images of a Rock Pipit  with a juicy meal in addition to the larger sea birds.

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Tech News

Adobe have added a ‘texture’ slider to the RAW processor (and Lightroom Develop) which is designed to enhance detail in images. This spatial processing filter seems to work well without generating unpleasant artifacts on areas that contain in focus detail. Sometimes it will be better to confine the effect to particular areas using a brush. One reason for not applying the effect globally  would be  when there are areas of the images that are completely or partially out of focus. One club member with a high resolution camera confirms that effect is useful even when dealing with the latest high quality sensors.  Like any spatial filter it can be applied more than once to an image.  After creating smaller images for example the effect can be successfully reapplied. It would seem to be an editing feature that will now become routinely used when we edit images with Photoshop.

Enter a Competition (Members only)

Competition entries for club members only are now made through https://compent.photoentry.uk/compent.  

Local Photographic News

EDLC Photographic Print Competition Exhibition
Saturday 28 September – 24 October in the Auld Kirk Museum, Cowgate, Kirkintilloch.
The museum is open between 10am – 1pm and 2pm – 5pm, Tuesday – Saturday (closed Sunday and Monday). 

Website From Former Member 
Former club member, Marc De Ridder, and the person who developed an earlier version of this site has a new photographic website with interesting images (and design features). http://www.marcderidder.com

Photography at the Lillie Art Gallery (Station Road, Milngavie)
28 September – 31 Oct – Photographer Barbara Sellars

Street Level Photoworks (Trongate, Glasgow)
If you would like to see an ongoing programme of photographic exhibitions in Glasgow  check out the What’s On page of  Street Level Photoworks based  at 103 Trongate, Glasgow, G1 5HD. This organisation also has a range of very useful film-based photographic equipment and digital imaging facilities.

Milngavie and Bearsden Camera Club is a photographic society open to those with a keen interest in photography. Club activities are centred on weekly meetings, held on a Tuesday evening between late September and April at the Community Education Centre in Milngavie. For enquiries about membership, please e-mail the club secretary.