Importance of Syncing Lightroom

Tried a few experiments with Lightroom / Photoshop…….

1. If you delete a photo using say File Explorer / Bridge / Photoshop etc, Lightroom will NOT detect that unless you Synchronise the Catalogue for the folder it was in. You could carry on developing the image quite happily but of course when you came ot export that would fail.

2. If you bypass Lightroom and use the Photoshop Raw editor then those changes will NOT be reflected in Lightroom until you Sync.

3. In Lightroom Edit / Catalogue Settings / Metadata tick ‘Automatically write changes into XMP’ and Lightroom will create an XMP file if you develop that photo. Now detects file is missing is you try and develop it having previously deleted in step 1 above but…………

4. Having done step 3 I would have thought changes done in Lightroom would be reflected in Photoshop. That is NOT the case unless you launch Photoshop from within Lightroom while editing the image there.

Moral of the story :- If you use Lightroom ( which I think is the best way to manage editing workflow ) then you must use it as the master or ensure you Sync folders if you break that rule.


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The Art of Black and White

As promised last night, here are the details of the Black and White Photography magazine and Silver Efex Pro that is part of the Google Nik Collection.

Black and White Photography

bw mag

Silver Efex Pro 2

silver efex pro

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Street Photography by Damien Demolder


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RSPB Lochwinnoch Wildlife Photography Workshop

Wildlife close encounters with Robert Trevis-Smith

Saturday 12 July
10am – 5pm

Join the RSPB and photographer Robert Trevis-Smith as we introduce you to the world of macro photography. Find out how to capture the finest details of wildlife, whether it be close up shots of your
favourite bird or that tricky photo of a tiny insect. Robert will take time to talk through the various techniques and camera settings that get the best results.

This event will be predominantly outdoors so it is recommended that you dress appropriately for the weather. The workshop is suitable for people of all levels of experience.

Suggested donation £40 (£30 for RSPB members)
For more information or to book a place contact Sam Langford on 0141 3319805 or at

Kind regards
Sam Langford
Community Fundraiser

RSPB South & West Scotland, 10 Park Quadrant, Glasgow, G3 6BS



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Loch Lomond Safari with RSPB

Loch Lomond Safari with RSPB

Monday 2 June
6am – 1.30pm

Cameras and binoculars at the ready…

Join RSPB Scotland for the first minibus safari of its kind around the Loch Lomond area.

Starting at 6am at the Kelvingrove Museum, you will be transported across various sites including RSPB Loch Lomond reserve.

With the possibility of seeing amazing species such as osprey, black grouse, green woodpecker, redstart and pied flycatcher, this is sure to be a morning you will never forget.

All levels of wildlife watching experience are welcome.

Places are extremely limited and therefore booking is essential.

For more information or to book a place contact Sam Langford on 0141 331 9805 / 07715 037 579 or at

£34 RSPB members (£40 non-members)

Kind regards
Sam Langford
Community Fundraiser

RSPB South & West Scotland, 10 Park Quadrant, Glasgow, G3 6BS




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Photography Expeditions – Special Offer for Scottish Clubs

Tho following announcement is sent to people and organisations that I have collaborated with – I hope that by the end of the year you will be all in this list anyway, so I would like to offer a nice incentive for the members of your clubs:

For the past 2 years me and my team of sailors, kayakers and Arctic mountain guides have been working on a new platform for photography expeditions / workshops in groups never larger than 6 photographers. We aim to visit rarely visited location or explore hidden places in the well known areas – to do that we travel by sailing yachts, kayaks, dogsleds, etc.

Our team is currently working on expeditions in Antarctica, Patagonia and Arctic Canada, though for the start of the website we decided to list some more affordable expeditions to Arctic Norway and secret islands in the Danube river. The platform is new, but we have all been working in the adventure business for a long time.

You can learn more on the Vertical Shot Expeditions’ website

If you think that some of your members may be interested, we are delighted to offer a special discount of £75 for all your members!
They need to quote discount code SCOTTISHCLUBS when filling the booking form.

We would be very happy if you share that information via newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, etc. All that you may need for an announcement it written on the top of the homepage – though I would be glad to help you out with any information that you request!

Thanks a lot, your comments and suggestions are welcome! We work hard to build a platform for authentic photography expeditions, which will also help other photographers to run their expeditions with the assistance of our growing team of outdoor guides.

Best wishes,
Vlad Donkov

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Another top photography competition blighted

Here we go again

Another top competition blighted by entries which have later been discovered to be digitally manipulated.

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Wildlife Photography Workshop with Louise Greenhorn

Hi there,

I hope this email finds you well. I am just looking to ask whether you could please pass on the information about the RSPB’s Wildlife Photography Workshop with Louise Greenhorn on Saturday 15th March.

Wildlife photographer Louise Greenhorn invites you to join her on this one day workshop, during which you will learn how to capture stunning nature and wildlife photographs. You will also spend time being guided around the beautiful landscape of Loch Lomond Shores, with the world famous Loch Lomond in the background. Please note this will be an indoors and outdoors workshop, so suitable clothing is advisable.

This workshop is priced at £55 (£40 for RSPB members), with all funds going towards continuing the conservation work of the RSPB in South & West Scotland. If you are interested at all, you can contact myself either on 0141 331 9805 or at

I have also attached a poster for the event which can be distributed to whoever may be interested.

Thank you so much for your time.

Kindest regards
Sam Langford


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David Livingstone the Man and his Mission

In case it may be of interest to some of the Club members, I am giving an audio visual presentation on the above. This is a meeting of the Men’s Association, but is open to all, FREE, and is not gender specific! The talk lasts about an hour and the meeting is timed to finish circa 9.00 pm.

If any members would like to attend, I shall be pleased to see you there.

Best wishes

Jon Cossar

David Livingstone the Man and his Mission
New Kilpatrick Church New Halls, G61 3RT
Tuesday, 11th February, at 7.30pm.

‘David Livingstone the Man and his Mission’ is a photogenic presentation about his life and times. It contrasts the comparable, pre-deployment preparation of the 21st century aid worker/missionary with that afforded to David Livingstone, as well as the health experiences of David Livingstone and his family with that of Scottish Presbyterian Missionaries who served abroad during the same timespan and includes an exploration of Livingstone’s personality, convictions and philosophy. The ending summary touches on controversies surrounding his legacy and provides a basis for further reflection and discussion.

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