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Euan Fraser

As a kid my first camera was a Boots Beirette compact camera, with weather symbols and manual foccussing. My first picture was that of an Iberian fisherman (in monochrome), gutting fish on his boat in San Antonio harbour – Ibiza. It was, and is a classic shot, the art world has yet to discover.

Years later my photographic passion flourished at Aberdeen university, many of the people I met through photography then,I still count as good friends.
I cut my teeth in the harsh world of student photo journalism, in the days when students knew how to protest and I developed and printed my work in a B&W darkroom.

I also joined the University Photographic club and descended through the ranks, until I was president in my final year.

The biggest recent photographic influences have been the following:

1. Milngavie and Bearsden Camera Club.
2. Photographic friends, who have inspired my photography and taught me to look for the photo.
3. Flickr – I have been uploading photos to flickr since 2006 and this photo website allows me to share my photos with family and friends as well as a potential global audience.
4. Digital Photography – I switched to digital in 2006 after shooting Velvia slide film for many years.

I enjoy urban and events photography, as well as landscape photography. I hope you enjoy my photos. I also recently have started doing talks for local camera clubs.

  • Arches reflections
  • Venice Shadow
  • Devils Pulpit
  • Valencia
  • Squinty Bridge
  • Fire Festival
  • Venice Mask
  • MCF Model
  • Zombies
  • Glasgow Transport Museum
  • Nelson's Column
  • Glasgow Fireworks
  • Doulton Fountain
  • Buchanan Street Grain
  • BMW Car
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