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Marc de Ridder

I started photography when I was twelve years old, when I learned developing and printing black and white in my first year at high school. During my university years and early part of my professional career in IT, I retained a healthy interest in photography, but it has only been in the last fifteen years, that I have started taking my photography much more seriously.

As I learned more about photography and the art of taking pictures, as well as finding a love for Scottish mountains, I realised soon that my heart lay in landscapes, nature and wildlife. The desire to enjoy and capture the beauty of nature drives me to pick up my camera more than anything else.

Travel is another fascination of mine, and in the various different places I visit, I always aim to capture the feel and spirit of the place as well as the people who inhabit them. When showing my photos from a visit to Upper Egypt to some friends, they were surprised by the absence of pyramids and tombs, and by the way I had captured the soul of the place with images of the people, wildlife and natural beauty of the country.

The main catalysts throughout 35 years of photography have, without a doubt, been my own first 35mm SLR and the move from the darkroom to the lightroom with the purchase of a dedicated film scanner and A3+ printer in 2003. In a way, my first DSLR was a bit of a disappointment with a step back in terms of image quality compared to scans from Velvia and Provia slide film, but still a step forward, cutting out the lengthy time needed to develop and scan film.

Today I mainly use a DSLR and a digital rangefinder for my photography, but I still venture out with my 35mm, medium format and large format film cameras at times.

Marc de Ridder’s Photography Blog:

  • Windswept Lochan na Stainge
  • Approaching snow storm
  • Sgorr Dhaerg from Glencoe Loch
  • Painted stork
  • Urban grey heron
  • Green bee eater
  • Kingfisher
  • Corsican belle
  • Tabacco warehouse
  • Derelict Glasgow
  • Flying high
  • Shehaza, Afghan Hound
  • Whippet triplets
  • Slow road home
  • Fixing the fishing nets
  • Mayan woman with child
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