How to Comment on a Post

To show you how to add a comment on a post, let us assume that you want to congratulate Matt and Euan on winning the first club competition in response to the following post by David showing on the camera club’s blog:

To comment on David’s post, simply click the link Leave a comment showing below the post. If you are logged in, the post’s full page shown below will open with the Leave a Reply section below the post.

Simply type your response in the box and click the Post Comment button. This will submit your comment and reload the post’s page with your comment added after the post as shown below.

If you want to respond to a previous comment, simply click the Reply link below the appropriate comment. This will shift the Leave a Reply section to the right, and after clicking Post Comment, your comment will be shown as part of the comment thread, indented underneath the comment you responded to as shown below.

That is all there is to add comments to a post, or comments in response to someone else’s comments.

To leave a comment, you will have to be logged in. If you are not, and click on the Leave a comment link shown at the top of this page, then you will be taken to the post’s page with the below message. Simply log in and you will then be able to add your comment.