How to Add Your Avatar

You have either followed this link because you want to add your avatar to the camera club’s site, or maybe more likely, you have an inquisitive mind and wonder what an avatar is, apart from the movie of course.

An avatar is a small image liked to your account that some of you may recognise from the likes of Facebook or Twitter. This is an example from Facebook, showing the little image, called avatar, of Austin with his camouflaged camera beside his status update on Facebook.

You may have already added your avatar to Facebook and checked your Edit My Profile page on the camera club’s web site to add your avatar, only to find that there is no option for this to be found. So how on earth did I get my avatar showing next to my comments on the blog?

The answer is simple. Register with and upload your avatar(s). Any website based on WordPress will then automatically show your avatar, provided you are registered with the same e-mail address on as on that website.

Apart from Chris Johnstone and I, no other member in the camera club appears to have an avatar registered globally yet.