How to Edit Your Profile

After you log in, a link entitled My dashboard will appear in the top right corner.


Clicking on the link My dashboard will open your personal WordPress dashboard page.


Clicking on the menu item Profile will open your profile page containing a number of sections each shown and explained below. If you make any changes, you must click the Update Profile button displayed at the bottom of the page otherwise your changes will be lost.

Personal Options

At the top of your profile page are personal options. Apart from changing the colour scheme of the editor pages (not the camera club web site) if you like, I would recommend leaving the other options as default.


In this section you can change your first name, last name, nickname if these are incorrect or not as desired. It may be worthwhile to change the display name to your fist name or anything else you like instead of the default username. I have changed mine to Marc. This means that my posts and comments are labelled with Marc instead of marcdr.

Contact Info

In contact info you can change your e-mail address and add your own website details if desired. Ignore the other options, as these relate to instant messaging, and irrelevant to and undesired by most, if not all of us.

About yourself

Probably one of the most important parts of the profile page, this is where you can change your password. If you decide to change your password, make sure that this is at least of Medium strength, but recommended to be of Strong strength.