Marj Partridge

Editor’s Note: Marj joined the club in January 2017. She had an Olympus OM-1 in the days of film and then moved to a Nikon D3200 as she began in digital photography.  Being an Olympus fan-girl, she says that she just had to buy the Olympus EM5 mark ii in Jessops because it was so lovely (and was half price !). Marj is a retired music teacher who has produced some appealing instrument photographs as you can see. Marj has competed successfully in the Beginners Competitions and recommends them to new members for whom they would be appropriate. She also really enjoyed participating in the Weekly Photo Challenges and wishes to express her thanks to those who helped make them possible. Taking shots rather than editing in Lightroom is her favourite part of photography.  Marj particularly enjoys taking shots when travelling with the “bearded one” in their camper van.