Reuben Mclean

Editors Note: The first gallery contains images from a Zoom presentation that  Reuben gave to the club on the subject of  Auto Focus Bracketing with his Fuji mirrorless cameras followed by focus stacking on his computer using general-purpose software.  He has taken on the very ambitious task of illustrating the focus stacking process using very deep objects (50 cm !) relatively close to the camera (50 cm). Reuben has also tried to maximise optical quality with a relatively large aperture of F5.6 in order to maximise optical quality.  As a result of the restricted depth of field at this aperture, the project is made even more difficult! 

The deep purple orchid petal with text in the rear is a small illustrative region of much bigger images. You can quite easily see the advantage over of using a stack over a single image taken with a very small aperture (F22) when doing this kind of studio photography.

Reuben has chosen to present the images without any focus retouching since this is best done with specialist focus stacking software such as the pro version of Helicon Focus. Notice that he also presented a series of single images taken with small apertures, which show the very big advantage of stacking. As a retired engineer, Reuben has developed his own numerical approach for finding the number of images to use in a stack. Nevertheless, he wishes to stress that although these calculations worked for him, they may not be more generally applicable to other types of equipment and other ranges of distance and focus depth.

Reuben recommends the use of the  Depth of Field Calculator App for mobile phones.