Speakers at MBCC listed by name 1992-2014
Speaker Lecture Season
A Wallace Impressions of Greece ’91-’92
Adrian Whitaker Tour of the Greek Islands ’05-’06
Alan Bennie SPF Lecture “My Kind of Slide” ’93-’94
Alan Brown What I see is What you Get ’07-’08
Alan Colvill Greenlands icy mountains ’94-’95
Alex Boyd ‘The discovery of slowness’ ’12-’13
Alex Cleland A Nature Photographers Year ’03-’04
A nature photographers year ’89-’90
Nature in Close Up ’91-’92
Alex McCallum Slide travelogue John O’ Groats to Lands End ’92-’93
Alistair Knox Creating a Good Impression ’02-’03
Alistair Swan Lies, Dammed Lies – Digital Imaging ’00-’01
The Moving Picture Show ’09-’10
Slide show (from Ayr CC) ’94-’95
Andrew Neilson Commercial Jewellery Photography ’11-’12
Andy Collins Lecture Calderglen Country Park ’93-’94
Andy Gray Scottish Circle Millenium Exhibition prints ’00-’01
Travels in Africa ’96-’97
Angel Ranger SPF lecturer ’93-’94
Angus Johnstone Magic Lantern Show ’08-’09
Anne Greiner & Rod Wheelans Holiday Snaps ’10-’11
Anne Sutcliffe Selected Work ’08-’09
Audrey Thompson Landscape Photography ’95-’96
Panaoramic Views ’98-’99
Barry Beckham Photography Digital Style ’03-’04
Barry Colquhoun Photography Digital Style ’04-’05
Ben Hall A Journey Through the Seasons ’07-’08
Moments in Nature ’10-’11
Ben Harman Contemporary photography ’11-’12
Bill Fleming Fashion Photography – Daily Record ’08-’09
Bill Ham Landscapes, impressions and altered images ’00-’01
Bob Collins ARPS A negative view ’01-’02
Nepal ’05-’06
Spice of Life ’94-’95
A Pizza Italy ’98-’99
Bob Cummings My kind of photography print lecture ’90-’91
Circle Photo Collection ’98-’99
Bob Hunter AV/3D demo ’97-’98
Bob Moore Hon.FRPS Hon.PAGB
Moore Digital Prints ’12-’13
Brian Clark DPAGB A Passion for Landscapes ’11-’12
Bruce Percy Images ’07-’08
Campbell Drysdale Black Cats in the Coal Cellar at midnight ’04-’05
Campbell Skinner Personal Journey through Photography ’04-’05
Carole Johnston Colour retouching ’95-’96
Charles Gallacher Flight in Scotland ’95-’96
Chris Calvey Loch Lommond Landscapes ’97-’98
Chris Leslie My Multi-mediawork ’12-’13
Claire Stewart Photo Discussion ’08-’09
Photo Discussion ’09-’10
Clive Minnitt In Search of Perfect light ’02-’03
Clive Turner All Camels and Sand ’90-’91
Colin Cavers Going Underground ’11-’12
Colin Chisholm Hawaii and Hong Kong ’01-’02
Colin Prior Change the Way You See the World ’07-’08
High Light ’11-’12
Wilderness Photography ’92-’93
Colin Robertson Sports and Events Photography ’09-’10
The Sporting Life ’12-’13
Colin Wilkinson Portraiture Evening ’01-’02
Portraits, Pimples and Problems ’04-’05
Portrairt evening model provided ’92-’93
Craig Mcmaster Large Format B&W landscapes ’04-’05
Danny Beath Italian Slide Show ’02-’03
In the land of Giants ’97 – ’03 ’03-’04
Middle earth in Shropshire ’04-’05
Using my time machine ’10-’11
Dave and Gill Panel Work ’10-’11
Dave and Steve Flash Photography Night ’06-’07
David and Sigrun Tolleran Gallapagos ’06-’07
David Callan A Glimpse of Scotland ’98-’99
David Coates Light in the lakes ’01-’02
David Gillanders Photo Journalism ’06-’07
David Hay Autofocus SPF lecturer ’96-’97
David Palmer Falls of Clyde ’05-’06
David Rowley PhotoShop Live ’02-’03
David Stanton My work from Landscape to Fashion ’10-’11
David Stout Crete and Beyond ’06-’07
David Yates My Photography ’10-’11
Denis Alyshev Stereoscopic 3D Photography ’10-’11
Dianne Owen FRPS ‘Creative Consciousness’ ’11-’12
Diaporama Team It’s a kind of Magic ’04-’05
Diaporama AV ’98-’99
Dimitri Vasileiou Creative Consciousness ’12-’13
Don Austin One mans lakeland ’00-’01
Donald Clements Glasgow and Edinburgh by night. ’93-’94
Donald Ford Scottish Landscape Photography ’07-’08
Landscapes getting the basics right ’94-’95
Donald Stewart Going my way ’01-’02
Dorothy Burrows A-Z of Yorkshire ’00-’01
Douglas Annan Old Glasgow thru the Lens ’03-’04
Annon Collection “Glasgow through the lens” ’93-’94
Douglas Cooper Astronomy Photography ’04-’05
Douglas Harris The Circle Print Collection ’02-’03
A View of France ’03-’04
“Scottish Circle Centenary Prints” ’07-’08
Portraiture and figure Portraiture ’94-’95
  Scottish Circle Centenary Prints ’13-14′
Douglas May Panels ’06-’07
Douglas McBride Theatre Shots ’08-’09
Dr Bruce Peter. The Photography of John Edward Kerr Smith ’10-’11
Dr Donald J Bennet Slide talk on Mountaineering Photography ’92-’93
Dr James Black Small Game Hunting ’12-’13
Dr Pat Morris Natural History Slides ’90-’91
Dr Robin Jones Fireworks, Fungi and Fauna ’03-’04
Duncan McCallum My Photography ’08-’09
Duncan McEwan Land of Landscapes ’01-’02
Landscape Commandments ’05-’06
Special Brew ’96-’97
Sportsnight ’98-’99
  Commonwealth Games ’13-14′
Eddie Haggarty Strathclude Police air support unit ’95-’96
Edmund Fellows Nature and Falklands ’05-’06
Edward Z. Smith Aerial photography ’98-’99
Eric Bower My Way with Photoshop ’03-’04
Eric Scott Orkney – Its History & Economy ’02-’03
Eric Watt Scandanavia over the Years ’01-’02
Glasgow Lecture ’01-’02
British Coasts ’01-’02
My approach to Pictorial Photography ’91-’92
Capital Account Edinburgh ’94-’95
More than Doors ’97-’98
Fergus Gill Scottish Nature ’11-’12
Frank Smith Impressions of Nepal slide show ’93-’94
George Wilkie Photojournalism (Met College) ’08-’09
Glyn Edmunds / Jean Brooks Some of Hers and a Few of His ’07-’08
Gordon and Judith Follows Travels of a Naturalist ’06-’07
Gordon Baird Nottinghill Carnival ’96-’97
Gordon McGowan Fashion and Wedding Photography ’09-’10
Studio Night ’10-’11
Graham Lister Art and Photography ’12-’13
Guy and Paula Davies Double Act ’11-’12
Guy Edwardes Nature Photography ’06-’07
More Ways To Take Better Landscape and Nature Photographs ’12-’13
Hamish Williamson SPF Glasgow Walk ’02-’03
Harold Sinclair Cyling in Norway ’95-’96
Harry Milburn Various aspects of landscape photography ’96-’97
Hugh Kerr – Gryffe Expedition Sea Kayaking ’04-’05
Hunter Kennedy Prints for the circle. ’09-’10
Iain Laign Most fun you can have with clothes on AV lecture ’90-’91
Iain Love Beaty of Anrartica ’94-’95
Iain Quinn Clyde Steamers and the PS Waverley ’03-’04
Ian Arthur Photography in the Royal Navy ’05-’06
Photography in the Royal Navy ’06-’07
Ian Cameron Transient Light ’09-’10
Ian Freshney Butterflies and other Wildlife ’13-14′
Ian Mclaren Avalon Model and portrature ’91-’92
Ian Melvilles Glasgow quiz night ’97-’98
Ian Rule Inca Trail ’98-’99
Ian Rutherford Photo Journalism ’05-’06
Photo Journalism ’11-’12
Irene Froy Passion for Pictures ’02-’03
Magic Moments ’04-’05
France and Shropshire ’06-’07
Irene’s Images ’10-’11
Jack Campbell Trecking in Kashmir ’89-’90
Jack Morrison Into the Blue: Lecture underwater photography ’03-’04
  Beneath the Waves ’13-14′
James Gentle Aerial Kite Photography ’09-’10
James Morrison Presentation of Photographic Circle Portfolio ’91-’92
Jim Black Surprise, surprise ’02-’03
Gynaecology for Beginners ’95-’96
Jim Campbell Always take your camera with you ’96-’97
Jim Galloway Glasgow Herald photographer ’89-’90
Jim Henderson RSPB ’90-’91
Jim Renny Mountain Photography SPF lecturer ’95-’96
John and Deborah of “Tulla Images” Canyons of the Colorado Plateau ’03-’04
John Donohoe Blanefield to Bolivia: Mountaineering Lecture ’03-’04
John Gavett Landscape ’08-’09
John Harris Scotland Interactive CD ’00-’01
John Logan I Belong to Glasgow slide lecture- ’91-’92
John McKinley Landscape Photography ’96-’97
John McVie and Derek Ross A Touch of Scotch ’02-’03
Two for the Price of One ’04-’05
John Wells Coming of Age Roadshow ’09-’10
Keith Long In search of pictures ’94-’95
Keith Cohen Wildlife and Countryside Photography ’97-’98
Ken Melvin The top left corner (North West Scotland) ’96-’97
Kenneth Melvin Colour and to ARPS (Prints) ’90-’91
Laurence Winram Commercial and Personal Photography ’12-’13
Laurie Campbell Natural History photography ’95-’96
Lawrence Marine Photography ’92-’93
Leigh Preston Another Time Another Place ’10-’11
Leo Palmer A Travellers Tale ’07-’08
Libby Smith Changing my angle of View ’05-’06
Digital in Detail ’09-’10
Marc de Ridder Tilt and Shift: Trick or Treat? ’12-’13
  Virtual Realities ’13-14′
Margaret Campbell Lighting on a Budget ’08-’09
Pictures from the Past ’10-’11
Margaret Campbell and Dave Hunt Talk ’04-’05
Margaret Sixsmith Australia ’08-’09
Mark McColl DPAGB A Combination of Colour and Mono Prints ’12-’13
Mark McGowan The North Face of the Eiger (AV) ’93-’94
Martin Shields Press Photography ’13-14′
Martin Wright Round the World Yachtsman ’93-’94
Matt Johnstone Home and Away ’06-’07
Salon/ International Competitions ’09-’10
Every Picture tells a story ’98-’99
Michael B Stark Nature Photography APRS ’94-’95
Michael Gwyer Tips and Pieces (include AV) ’90-’91
Mike Blair America travelogue ’00-’01
Mike Cruise On the Wild Side ’02-’03
Neil Adams India travels ’01-’02
Winning Ways ’98-’99
Neil MacGregor Within the Light ’09-’10
SPF lecture mountain photography ’93-’94
Nature in the Landscape ’12-’13
Nick Jenkins Landscape and Great Britain ’07-’08
Neil Scott In my Mind’s Eye ’13-14′
Nigel Orr Old Milgnarvie in slides and prints ’96-’97
Norman McNab Mountain Photography ’07-’08
Norman Tait Natural History Photography ’95-’96
Not Known Eastern exploration travelogue ’00-’01
SRPS Steam in Scotland and Elsewhere ’90-’91
Wedding Photography ’92-’93
Photographic Society of America ’94-’95
Olive McInnes New York/Canada ’90-’91
Peter J Clarke FRPS EFIAP APSA PPSA My Life in Mono ’11-’12
Peter Paterson Photography My Way ’05-’06
Peter Rees Still in the Dark ’05-’06
Philip Price Local Hero – Loch Visions ’09-’10
Prof Richard Cormack Berbers and Hedgehogs – Travels on the Atlas Moutains ’05-’06
Rikki O’Neil Photo print box ’00-’01
Toast ’05-’06
Robert Copeland Starting in Cibachrome ’97-’98
Robert Lambie Scotland its Wildlife and Scenery ’93-’94
Robert Lees Digital My Way ’00-’01
Robert Scott Slide Show ’02-’03
Robert Tabor Smart Photoshop ’05-’06
Robin Boyd Clyde Steamers slide talk ’92-’93
Rod Whelans ARPS ’00-’01
Rod Whelans Ideas come first ’95-’96
Roger Maskell The Karakoram Highway ’97-’98
Roger Reynolds Royal Photo Society ’06-’07
Roy Elwood Joy of Monochrome ’01-’02
Roy Robertson Towards RPS ’04-’05
Scottish Landscape ’97-’98
Roy Smith Themes and things ’00-’01
Rupert Harris Audio Visual Miscellany ’01-’02
Sandy Sharpe Art Photography ’08-’09
Sandy Wallace Memories of Greece ’01-’02
Sarah Dawe The Isle of Eigg and its Natural History ’96-’97
Sarah Longrigg Faroe Islands ’04-’05
Shahbaz Majeed Long Exposure Photography ’13-14′
Shamil Khaorov Thinking Mono ’12-’13
Simon Allen The Art in Photography ’05-’06
Simon Jauncey Photography ’97-’98
Southbank Photography Portrait night model ’90-’91
Stephen Lipton Scottish Landscape and Natural History ’05-’06
Steve Campbell Introductory Evening and Internal Night Web Site ’02-’03
Going Beyond Taking the Picture ’11-’12
Steve LePrevost Creative Photography ’10-’11
Stewart Gray Correct Exposure ’95-’96
Strathclyde Police Mountain Rescue slide lecture ’92-’93
Stuart Lamont My Journey In Images ’11-’12
Suzanne Galloway My Photography ’13-14′
Ted Leeming & Morag Paterson Our Work ’13-14′
Tim Pile Have I Got Nudes for you ’13-14′
Tim Cook The work of the ranger service – Mugdock Country Park ’98-’99
Tom Marshall and Bill Higgins Insect Macros and Agates ’08-’09
Tom Docherty Glasgow 1955 + 55 Project ’13-14′
Tommy Graham Scottish Landscapes HDR ’09-’10
Tony Potter The Bigger – the Better ’02-’03
Tony Wharton Faces of Nature ’07-’08
Tony Worobiec Abandoned America ’03-’04
Black and White Photography in the Digital Era ’07-’08
Trevor and Faye Yerbury All Our Own Work ’11-’12
Val Crookston Digital AV’s ’08-’09
William Ellis International Jazz Photography ’07-’08
William Wolfe Evening with William Wolfe ’91-’92
Zul Bhatia Wildlife of Tanzania ’13-14′