2nd Competition 2018-19

Judge: Eddie Telford

2nd Print Competition

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1st –  Flypast – Derek Manson
2=  Snowcap Hummingbird – Maurice Lee
2 = Steps to the Old Swimming Pool – George Robertson
3= Blue Dawn, Rannoch – Neil MacGregor

Highly Commended -Male Ptarmigan, Cairngorm -Neil MacGregor
Highly Commended- Lytham Life Boat Jetty – George Robertson

Commended – Fiery-throated Hummingbird – Maurice Lee
Commended –  Claire in Her Boudoir at First Light – Stephen Phillips

2nd PDI Competition
(some pictures missing at present)

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1st – Otter at Lunch – George Robertson
2nd=  Last Light  – George Robertson
2nd= Good Catch – Anne Mitchell
3rd= Bryce Aglow – Derek Manson
3rd= Magpie With Short-Tailed Vole – Neil MacGregor

Highly Commended – Now let me see – Dai Davies
Highly Commended –  NY Skyline – Ian Lavrie

Commended – Skydance – Duncan McCallum
Commended – A Portrait of Carla – Stephen Phillips