Hints, Tips and Recommendations:
Phone Apps


If you  want to do close up photography try the Depth of Field Calculator App if you have an Android device. This will help you to know what  will be in focus even before taking a shot. 

Tip from: Reuben McLean

Editor’s Note: I have found Reuben’s tip to be very helpful when setting up still life and table-top photography at home.

 The Peakfinder app shows the names of all mountains and peaks with a 360° panorama display.

Tip by: David Ritchie

An Aurora Watching app provides good short term  forecast of  the strength of the Aurora Borealis. For example Apple app AuroraWatch UK


Lots of Aurora apps are also available for Android on the Google Play Store

Tip by: David Ritchie


The Photographers’ Ephemeris App is very useful  for planning outdoor photography when the direction of the sun or moon  is important. See the Website

Tip from: Dick McFarlane and David Ritchie


PhotoPills is a a useful paid-for photo planning app for outdoor photography. There are lots of helpful videos on Youtube about it.

Tip from: George Robertson

Google Snapseed is a very powerful free image editor for  Android and iOS


Tip from : Steve Campbell

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