Syllabus 2020-21
All lectures are presently held online by Zoom 

September 2020

22nd EGM/Members Night
Welcome to the first night of the new session for all returning and new members.
Following the EGM, we will have a journey through the terrific images from the
members outing last year.

29th “The West Highland Railway Line”/”Mountain Photography –  speaker Norman NcNab
Did you know that Norman is editor of the prestigious Friends of the WHL website
and has supplied most of the pictures and all of the videos? Norman will talk of more
general interest to include the construction, history, threatened closure. He will also
present some of his fantastic mountain photography.
Norman’s gallery page

October 2020

6th “Starting from a blank canvas” – Speaker Polina Plotnikova
Polina is a Russian-born UK-based photographer. Her photographic style developed
through a love and knowledge of art. Her presentation features images on two of her
favourite photographic subjects – Creative Flower Portraiture and Still Life. Both
themes are illustrated with images from her studio work.
She also has a marvellous range of images on Flickr and on Instagram.

13th “An Introduction to Basic Composite Photography” – Speaker Elaine Butler
Elaine will be presenting an introductory overview of composite photography, and
step by step guidance on how to create three simple composites.

20th 1st Club Competition – Judge: Clive Watkins

27th “Fashion Photography” – Speaker Paul McGugan
Paul works in fashion editorial and will explain his start and journey in this genre and
showcase some of his work.
Paul’s Instagram Page, Facebook page

November 2020

3rd “A tale of two qualification panels ” – Speaker Barrie Spence.
Barrie specialises in dance & ballet, headshots, commercial and fine-art photography.

10th “World of a wildlife Photographer” – Speaker David Boag
David is a wildlife photographer and the author/photographer of 18 published books.
and general interest audiences. He lectures regularly throughout the country to a wide
variety of natural history, photographic

17th “Land of the Midnight Sun” – Speaker Malcolm Boddie
Our own Malcolm will give a talk about his Cruise holiday from Stavanger along the
Norwegian coast to North Cape where the sun never sets in summer. Malcolm’s gallery page

24th “Tears in the Rain” – Speaker John McSporran
John was Runner Up and Finalist in Mountain Photo of the Year 2018/19. He will be
showing some of his landscape and mountain photography.

December 2020

1st 2nd Club Competition – Judge: Libby Smith,-libby.html

8th “Professional Landscape and Travel Photography” – Speaker David Clapp
David will take a regional and international look at professional landscape
photography, from his home in Devon to journeys across the world, from cities and
populations to remote deserts and icy regions of the arctic.

15th ‘Photographing mountain landscapes of the Drakensberg‘ in South Africa, Emil von Maltitz.
A 1-hour lecture followed by Q and A.  See his images on Getty and Instagram.   
His Draksenberg Workshop >.  Geographical location: click here >

January 2021

5th Mono/B&W Competition – Judge: Margaret Elliot
see our Margret Elliot page.
see her  website:

12th “Finding freedom and why competitions are the thief of joy!”  Club member Ian Tully
Ian has kindly agreed to step in at very short notice and give a presentation on his Safari Trip
in 2019 and an ongoing project to create images that capture an essence of the
Outer Hebrides and Harris, in particular. I will talk about my thought processes as they have
developed over the last couple of years, illustrated with pictures from a safari trip in 2019
and an ongoing project to create images that capture an essence of the Outer Hebrides and
Harris in particular.
See his gallery page and his  website

19th “Travels to Myanmar” & “Making the most of your images”- Speaker Ken
In the first presentation, Ken will not just be showing a travelogue but showing the
raw images and how the end result was derived. The second presentation will look at a
selection of images covering a wide variety of subjects and how they were created
from the raw image to the final result.
Ken’s Blurb book

26th 3rd Club Competition – Judge: Campbell Skinner
His Greenock Camera Club gallery

February 2021

2nd “Notes from the Wood” – Speaker Barbara Sellers
Using imagery from Mugdock Wood, the woods by Loch Lomond and a pocket of
Temperate Rainforest on the Isle of Mull, Barbara will be sharing her woodland
photography techniques: her choice of subject matter, how to extract order from chaos
and create images of form and atmosphere.

9th “My Travels” – Speaker Hunter Kennedy
A big welcome back to Hunter who will present images from his travels around
Scotland and abroad.
Hunter’s page at Carluke Camera Club

16th “The Art of Light Painting” – Speaker David Gilliver
A presentation on the magical world of Light Painting and long exposure
photography. David will also have a selection of interesting light painting tools for the
group to look at.

23rd Interclub Competition – Hub Singer (Away)

March 2021

2nd “Working with Textures” – Speaker Jane Lazenby

9th Members Mini Presentations Derek Manson, Stephen Phillips and John Hannah will give short presentations of their work.

  • Derek Manson  –  “Down South” with the final destination not disclosed until about 5 minutes in.
  • Stephen Phillips  – Images from Hogganfield Loch
  • John Hannah – Bird behaviour on Craigend Pond, Mugdock Summer 2020 & Winter at Kilmardinny Loch, 20/21

16th Robert Simpson Trophy – Digital Images – Judge: Members

23rd “Past, Present and Future” – Speaker Neil McGregor
Having taken photographs for more years that he cares to remember, Neil thought it
was a good time to look at his photography retrospectively, presently, and to what the
future might hold for the enthusiastic club photographer. From film, slides and
projectors to the advent of digital, then onwards to advanced camera technology, his
talk takes a walk down memory lane and a bold step forward to what awaits us in the
future. Neil’s gallery page

29th Interclub Competition – Kirkintilloch (Away)

30th “Behind the lens, Beyond the lens” – Speaker Peter Cairns
Peter is a freelance nature and conservation photographer since 1998 and is a
founding director of The Wild Media Foundation. He will talk about his dramatic
journey spanning two decades of wild adventures and changing personal perspective.

April 2021

6th Lockdown: Outdoors and Indoors”  Steve will talk about his photography over the past year outdoors with phone, pocket camera and  mirrorless and his recent foray into table top photography at home with LED lighting’

13th “My Photography” – Speaker Peter Grant
Peter will share a range of photography from his portfolio.
Peter’s Gallery page

20th Annual Competition – Judge: Eddie Telford 
 Eddies Facebook PageEddie’s Flickr Page

27th Federation Portfolio

May 2021

4th AGM
Please come along and support the club to ensure we have another successful year.