Syllabus 2009-10

September 22nd, 2009
Lecture: ‘Within the Light’
Speaker: Neil MacGregor

The clubs very own Neil MacGregor kicks off the new season with a talk: Within the Light

It deals with the importance of quality light on a variety of subjects. – landscapes, mountain light, seascapes, cities and travel, etc. It also loosely relates photography with some work by great artists and painters of the past and how they used natural light to great effect.

29th September 2009
Lecture: Exploring the Photographic Web

The plan is to get access to the Internet and show you some of the photographic websites that may be of use for equipment reviews, photo advice and inspiration. We hope this will be an interactive/ discussion evening amongst members on anything photographically web related.

6th October 2009
Lecture: Prints for the circle
Speaker: Hunter Kennedy DPAGB, EFIAP

Hunter Kennedy DPAGB, EFIAP from Carluke Camera Club visits to show us more of his work.

13th October 2009
Bring Your Own Work Evening

This is a call to EVERYONE. Bring in your favourite prints or digital images for viewing and/or discussion. Have you work you don’t think is quite right for a competition? Are there everyday shots which bring you a pleasure that you’d like to share with everyone? No judging is involved so relax and show us what you can do! Alternatively, bring in examples of other photographers’ work which have inspired you. Share your enthusiasms with the club in printed or digital form.

20th October 2009
1st Club Competition
Judge: Bill Ham DPAGB, EFIAP

27th October 2009
Lecture: Sports & Events Photography
Speaker: Colin Robinson

Colin Robinson from Kilmaurs comes to the Club to Lecture on ‘Sports & Events Photography”


3rd November 2009
Lecture: Scottish Landscapes
Speaker: Tommy Graham

Tommy who is an IT support specialist with an avid interest in digital photography who has the luck and good fortune to have a home near some beautiful countryside in Renfrewshire and a family holiday home in the scenic wild’s of Assynt


10th November 2009
Lecture: Salon / International Competitions
Speaker: Matt Johnson

The Club’s own Matt Johnson provides useful guidance on entering Salons and International Competitions

17th November 2009
Practical Evening

Basics of Photography – Practical evening consisting of Tutor Groups on a number of Photographic topics. This is a follow on from last year’s successful evening and ideas for topics are welcome.

24th November 2009
SPF (Scottish Photographic Federation) Print Portfolio

A chance to see the recent print work of Scottish Photographic Federation clubs. An evening of informal comment.

1st December 2009
Lecture: Transient Light
Speaker: Ian Cameron

Ian Cameron visits the Club with his lecture entitled – Transient Light

When light, subject and composition are persuaded into coherency then the ordinary briefly becomes extraordinary.


8th December 2009
GDPU (Glasgow District Photographic Union) Portfolio

A chance to see the recent print work of “Glasgow District Photographic Union” clubs. An evening of informal comment.

15th December 2009
2nd Competition
Judge: Campbell Skinner, DPAGB, BPE2

5th January 2010
Lecture: Fashion and Wedding Photography
Speaker: Gordon McGowan

Gordon McGowan local photographer based in Alexandria visits the Club to lecture on Fashion and Wedding Photography.


12th January 2010
Speaker: Claire Stewart

Claire Stewart practising photographer and thought provoking lecturer from the Met College returns to the Club.

19th January 2010
SPF (Scottish Photographic Federation) Projected Images

A chance to see the recent print work of Scottish Photographic Federation clubs. An evening of informal comment.

26th January 2010
10 x 8 Night

Annual opportunity to submit your work to be judged informally by other members. Prints and Digital Projection.

2nd February 2010
Quiz Night

Your chance to have questions relating to Photography answered. More details later.

9th February 2010
Lecture: Digital in Detail
Speaker: Libby Smith

Libby Smith visits the Club to give here lecture entitled ” Digital in Detail” – A digital projected lecture on the basics of Colour Management and digital file production and the differences required for printing.

16th February 2010
Interclub Competition at HubSinger

Please attend and support the club.

23rd February 2010
Bring Your Own Work 2

Sequel to the very successful franchise ” Bring Your Own Work”

This is a call to EVERYONE. Bring in your favourite prints or digital images for viewing and/or discussion especially if you missed your chance in October.

2nd March 2010
Lecture: The Moving Picture Show
Speaker: Alistair Swan

Alistair Swan visits the Club to give his lecture entitled “The Moving Picture Show” A series of short AV produced with ProShow Producer.

9th March 2010
Third Club Competition
Judge – Libby Smith, MPAGB, EFIAP

16th March 2010
Lecture: Local Hero
Speaker: Philip Price

Philip Price from ‘Loch Visions’ will be lecturing on how to take Wildlife Photography showcasing photos taken in and around cities & towns.


23rd March 2010
Lecture: Coming of Age Roadshow
Speaker: John Wells FRPS

John is a creative photographer based in Lincoln,England. He is involved in all aspects of Digital Photography and lectures throughout the U.K. John is a Member of the Gamma Photoforum Group based in Bradford.


30th March 2010
Lecture: Aerial Kite Photography
Speaker: James Gentle

A Lecture by James Gentle on the history, techniques and results achieved through the unusual photographic angles obtained from Kites.


6th April 2010
Outdoor Photographic Challenge

Bring your Camera to this outdoor trip where members will be given a photographic challenge to capture over the evening.

13th April 2010
Outdoor Photographic Challenge – The Results

Your chance to show or see the results from last weeks Outdoor Photographic Challenge

20th April 2010
Annual Competition
Judge: Robert Fulton, MPAGB, EFIAP, BPE4*

27th April 2010
Annual General Meeting

Support the club for the following year.

4th May 2010
Annual Prize giving and Dinner

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