Duncan McCallum – Club Chairman

I have a passion for taking and viewing photographs going back for longer than I care to remember. My most important images will always be family photographs which only become more precious with time.

My photography is a bit ‘Jack of all trades’ (Master of none) but I particularly like natural history and landscapes and since my children left the nest I have been able to indulge in a bit of travel and upgrade my equipment. With the digital revolution I take many more images than before which leaves me the problem of what to do with them all. My solution has been to create AV shows which I have shown at other clubs and to anyone who is remotely interested. The good thing about this is I get to show many images which might not be competition standard but tell a story and at least there’s always the good background music.

Being a long-standing member of the camera club has allowed me to show my images but more importantly to see the work of others and this has help me maintain my enthusiasm as well inspiring, educating and entertaining me. 

I am a firm believer that you take photographs for your own enjoyment regardless of what anyone else thinks of them. Having said that it is a bonus if they have a wider appeal.