Ian Finlayson

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My interest in photography started around the age of 12 when I eagerly ‘snapped’ the multitude of Clyde Steamers during our annual summer holiday to Millport in the late 50’s / early 60’s. The rest of the year was spent photographing railway locomotives around Glasgow with my ‘loco-spotting’ pals every weekend and further afield as we grew older.

I was given a variety of cameras by my sister who taught me how to develop and print in her darkroom built in the loft by our father. She was a highly successful and well-respected amateur and later became a medical photographer.

How I wish I had a digital camera in those early days!!!

I joined the club 8 years ago knowing nothing about composition or competition photography, but with the generous and freely given advice from experienced members, lectures and judges comments I now get a real buzz from the competitive aspect.

I look on myself as an opportunist photographer and will photograph most subjects. I love taking an image and creating something special from it on my computer.

Being retired should have given me the time to develop and advance my photography, but as I have many other interests and commitments and have become involved in producing DVD’s of weddings, celebrations etc for family and friends, I find time is a very precious commodity these days.

I do hope you enjoy viewing the gallery of some of my work over the years.