Syllabus 2022-23


20/9/2022  ‘A photographer’s Year‘  Stephen Lipton

See:  and

27/9/2022  ‘Mastering Street Photography(10 Tips for Success’)  by Brian Lloyd Duckett on Zoom
Street Snappers 
YouTube Chanel: StreetSnappers // Brian Lloyd Duckett  

Hand in 1st Competition


4/10/2022   ‘How to wander aimlessly in the dark like a pro!’ by Stuart McIntyre

11/10/2022   ‘Themes and Behaviours in Wildlife Photography / Street Photography, Jerusalem’  by  the club’s very own John Hannah

18/10/2022 1st Club Competition Judge – Roy Robertson

25/10/2022  ‘Award Winning Images Across Several Genres‘ by Ross McKelvey


1/11/2022   A presentation from by Zoom

Hand in 2nd Competition

8/11/2022  Members’ Night 
Neil MacGregor will start the evening with a presentation. In addition members are asked to submit images to Photoentry  that were taken as part of the Photo Challenge 26th April 2022 (Categories 1: The West Highland Way, 2:Commerce, 3: Forms of Transport Flora, Fauna & Water, 5: Milngavie by Night)

15/11/2022    “Conversations”- Ramblings of a So-Called Photographer by David Cantor
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22/11/2022   ‘My Wildlife Photography’ by Roger Stewart

29/11/2022   2nd Competition Judge – John McVie


Please note changeMartin Shields will now speak on the 25th April and the summer outing will be rearranged

13/12/2022  ‘A Travelogue With A Difference: A Photographer’s Professional & Personal Journey‘ by  Karen Thorburn on Zoom

Hand in Monochrome Competition now extended to 16th December

20/12/2022  Christmas Social Night   
With your quiz master: Derek Manson and raffle organiser John O’Neil (and a bite to eat)



Note: The CE Centre is closed on the 3rd of January

10/1/2023   Monochrome Competition Judge Ross Eaglesham
3rd Competition Hand in  Extended to Sunday 10th January

17/1/2023   ‘Pat and Ian’s Photography’  by Pat Couder

24/1/2023   3rd Competition  judge Guy Phillips

31/1/2023   ‘Working in Themed Panels’  by Roger Hance by Zoom


7/2/2023   ‘Photo Art’ by Stan Farrow

14/2/2023  ‘The Latest Fujifilm Equipment: A Talk and Practical Guide with Equipment Demo’ by Carol Hartfree,
Product Specialist – X Series & GFX Fujifilm Imaging Solutions Fujifilm Cameras

21/2/2023 Interclub Competition with Hub Singer

28/2/2023  ‘A day in the life: stories of a commercial photographer’  by Stuart Dreghorn


7/3/2023  Portrait night

Robert Simpson Competition – Hand-In date 7th March 2023

14/3/2023 Robert Simpson Cup (Digital)  judged by Members

21/3/2023 Photography on the Darkside by Peter Benson

27/3/2023 Interclub Competition with Kirkintilloch

28/3/2023  Members’ Night with  presentations by Margaret Campbell and Chris Johnstone

Hand in Annual Competition


4/4/2023  SPF Portfolios

11/4/2023 ‘Colours, Tones and Textures ‘  by Ruth Grindrod

18/4/2023 Annual Competition judge Fiona Brims

25/4/2023 ‘Life in photojournalism and as a freelance photographer‘ by Martin Shields


2/5/2023   AGM

9/5/2023  Annual Dinner