Diane Smillie

My interest in photography began some years ago when I was on a months volunteering project at a Bonobo sanctuary in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa. My French vocabulary was severely limited which meant that communicating with the locals was almost impossible and I quickly became isolated. Fortunately, I had taken along a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3 and my days were quickly filled with adventures of searching for a variety of subjects in and around the sanctuary.

I have now progressed to using a DSLR camera and to be honest, I still tend to struggle a little with the technical side of things but there is a whole world of information out there to help and all I need is patience to learn.

I like the challenges that photography brings. I like that my photographs have given me wonderful memories of the places I have been to and the wildlife I have seen. In particular, I like macro which allows me to look into a world of intricate detail I would never have appreciated.


Timelapse video of the eclosion of three Peacock butterflies from their chrysalises.
Look carefully at the one on the right and you will see the galea of the proboscis zipping together.

Time lapse video Butterfly Pupation