New Competitors

New members and those who have never entered competitions before are encouraged to read the two very helpful essays prepared by club members Neil Macgregor and Peter Grant. Neil is an external competition judge for other Scottish Camera Clubs and Peter is a successful competitor who has entered competitions for 30 years.

Competition Entry Guidelines

Entry to club competitions is for club members only. All entries must comply with all current competition rules which can be found here. Entries which do not comply with club rules and guidelines will be removed from the competition.

All images must be your own work and no copyright infringement must have taken place to produce your image. In addition, you must not have assigned management of the images to a 3rd party such as a picture agency. Digital files should not exceed 1600 x 1200 pixels in dimension and must be a jpg file (as set out in Rule 6). Please ensure you submit a digital file for every print you are entering into the competitions.

Final submission dates can be found at

Members are reminded that some of the images displayed during club evenings may not be to everyone’s taste or liking. Members should bear this in mind and be encouraged to adopt a sensitive approach when submitting entries to competitions. Once the closing date for a competition has been reached you cannot change an entry.

The Competition Entry System

All competition entries for projected images (DPI) and prints will be made through the online ‘Photoentry portal. (Prints will of course still need to be handed in!).

Your login ID will be the email address you gave to the club secretary. If you have not received the email or loose your password use the automated password recovery facility on the Photentry login page. If you do not receive an automated email check that your current email address is the one you have given to the club secretary. You can check this by emailing the secretary.

The entry naming system has not changed. The online entry system will automatically create the mandatory file name format that must still be used on the physical prints. All you have to do is enter a plain English title using the online system. This applies to both PDI and Print entries. If for some reason you cannot use the system and have arranged with the competition secretary to do a manual hand-in you must use the mandatory file naming format as set out in Rule 7. Physical prints must have the standard file name applied to the back of the mount. 

If you enter the title ‘My lovely print’ and put it first in your sequence (as shown below), the system will create the standardised filename 01_My lovely print_XXX, where XXX is your user number. There is no need to enter your user number as that has been added by the system administrator on your behalf.

The sequence (or order) in which you place your images in the online entry system must correspond to the title you write on the back of a print. 

Obtaining Access to Photoentry

Before you enter a competition for the first time you will receive the initial automated email. 

The automated email you receive will look like this

Please login to

Change the temporary password that is known only to you when you first login. In the case of MBCC Your login ID will be the email address you gave to the club secretary. You are advised to save this address in your browser for future use.  If you forget your password click on the link at the top left of the screen.

How to use this very simple system

From the main menu, select the competition group either prints or projected images. If you need help use the Help link on the left.

Choose the relevant Competition Group

Then click on the relevant ‘Open’ competition.

 Choose an ‘Open’ competition that you wish to enter.

It is very easy to add or change entries up to the closing date

One of the very good features of the system is that you can see all of the entries that you make for the whole year in either the Print or the DPI groups (by clicking on the Blue button shown in the image above). That button will also allow you to easily review your entries from previous seasons once you have used the system for more than one year.

Clik on the add entry button

You will then type in the title on the first screen

Type in the Image Title (without your name, member number, or sequence number)

After the title has been entered you will then add the image on the next entry screen

Choose a file and click upload. You will need to wait while the file uploads.

The system will let you add up to three entries for each competition.

Add up to three entries

When you see the thumbnail image this is confirmation that your image has been entered into the competition. There is no ‘submit’ button.

If you wish to change your mind or have made a mistake you can edit your entry very easily by clicking on the relevant buttons.

You can change the order of your entries, edit the title and change the images up to the closing date. You can also delete part of an entry by clicking on the bin icon.

Please note that when you delete an image by clicking on the bin item it cannot be retrieved in the online system. It has been permanently deleted. You just have to add another image.

See the final submission (or ‘hand-in’) dates at

Remember to Logout.