Hints, Tips and Recommendations:
Trip Planning

Do a Google image search  for any place you intend to visit and ask yourself can you do better ? Try using  Tripadvisor  in the same way. If you have difficulty in walking far use Google, including satellite view to find car parks (a local example).  Use Google  street view  by dragging the little yellow person icon to the  car park or place of interest in order to see if it might be possible to take images from or very close to your car if you find walking difficult. Use Google Earth for 3D views either for landscape or cityscape and architecture photography planning.
Tips from:  Margaret Campbell, Ken Lindsay (visiting speaker), Steve Campbell


Use  Fotovue.com to look for beautiful places to visit and photograph.
Tip from: Peter Grant

Use a photographer’s ephemeris if you think that position of the sun or moon in the sky could be important in your outdoor photography. Try the website Photoephemeris.com when planning trips.   Also see our Phone apps page. 

Tips from: Norman McNab and visiting speaker Ken Lindsay


Check the state of the tides if you are intending to photograph sea birds on the shore. ( Also see our Bird Photography page for suggestions of local locations.) 
Tip from:  John Hannah 

You might like to consult the Photo Guides at https://www.photopills.com/articles

Tip from: John Hannah


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