Clive Watkins

Competition Judge: Clive Watkins

I have been taking photographs since I was a small child. My grandfather and father were keen photographers and I spent many a happy hour in their makeshift darkrooms developing and printing monochrome photos.

I have been using digital cameras since 1998 and I was an early adopter of DSLRs. I lived in Canada from 2003 to 2005 and invested in the Canon EOS 300D and some lenses to record the experience. At the same time I became very involved in the online art and photography community Worth1000 (sadly no longer with us). I learnt how to read the language of photography and I honed my judging skills. On return to the UK I decided to join a camera club and, after a few years of experiencing some less than inspiring judging performances, I decided to give it a go myself.

Photographically I think I’m a jack of all trades but I do particularly enjoy architecture and landscapes. I try to think clearly about the narrative and design my images around that, using light to bring emotion and feeling to images where I can.

A wide range of my work is displayed on my web site…

SigloV is the name of my favourite Cuban cigar and it was my original online “handle” and it has stuck ever since!

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