CONSTITUTION Milngavie and Bearsden Camera Club – May 2019 (Ver11)

1. NAME: The name of the Club will be “The Milngavie and Bearsden Camera Club”

2. OBJECT: To further interest and expertise in amateur photography. The club will permit and encourage the use of all photographic technologies and means with a view to promoting photographic excellence in club activities.  Emphasis in club activities will be placed on the nature of the final image rather than on its means of production.

3. MANAGEMENT: The Management of the Club will be a Committee of members consisting of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Syllabus Secretary, Competition Secretary, Internet Editor and Equipment Custodian. Additional General Members can be elected by the AGM if proposed at the meeting. An additional Syllabus Secretary can be elected from an existing member of the committee by agreement of the committee.

4. COMMITTEE: The Committee of the Club will be elected at the Annual General Meeting by a vote of the members present, preferably with prior nominations. The Committee service will be for one year following which members will be eligible for re-election. Five members will form a quorum. Should a member of the committee leave the club during the course of the club year the club secretary will announce the members’ departure and the date of an extraordinary general meeting to appoint his or her replacement on the committee. Nominations will be accepted from the date of the announcement until the evening of the meeting. The extraordinary general meeting of members will take place on a club night in the club premises at a convenient time.

5. COMPETITIONS: Competitions will be managed by the Competition Secretary who will keep a log of all results. Members of the Committee can be nominated to organise each competition. Duties will include the collation and recording of all entries, delivery to the judge and the recording of the result for passing to the Secretary.

6. SUBSCRIPTION: An Annual Subscription will be levied, the amount to be recommended by the Treasurer and ratified by the Committee. Any changes will be approved by the general membership at the Club’s AGM or at an EGM if required. Junior members, under the age of sixteen, will pay half the adult Subscription. The Treasurer will account for the Club Funds and maintain appropriate records. Such records will be open to inspection by the Committee and will be audited annually by Auditors appointed from the General Membership at the AGM.

7. EXPENSES: Any committee member, or ordinary club member who incurs expense outwith the cost of their annual membership fee whilst engaged on authorised club activities may reclaim that expense from the club treasurer on production of related receipt and submission of an expense form. Any committee or ordinary member, who uses their own vehicle on club business, may reclaim mileage at a sum agreed by the club/committee.

8. MEETINGS: Club meetings will be held weekly from September to May or as arranged by the Committee. Committee meetings will be held as required. The Annual general Meeting will be held towards the end of each season, and the date will be publicised in the Club Syllabus. The committee shall have the right to call an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) if matters arise which need dealt with during the club year. Decisions may be taken to amend the constitution at an EGM. The Chairman will preside at all meetings and will have both a deliberative and casting vote. In the absence of the Chairman the Vice-Chairman, Secretary or other Committee member will preside with the same powers. 25% of the membership will provide a quorum.

9. INTERNET SITE: The Club will maintain and pay for an Internet site at for public display of the work of the members. Members will only submit images for display on the Internet site for which they have copyright. By submitting an image for publication on the site the member claims copyright for that image. Members will retain copyright of the images published in this way. The names of members will be associated with images displayed on the site. A member of the Committee will be appointed as editor for the site. The Editor will have the cost of maintaining the site reimbursed. The Editor will have discretion in the selection of material for the Internet site although legal responsibility for the material will rest with the member.

10. DATA PROTECTION POLICY: The Club complies with the Data Protection Act 2018. Under the Act, the Club is a data controller exempt from notification. The Club will publish and maintain a Data Protection Policy which will be distributed to members and published on the Club Web site. Members will be asked to consent to the Policy as a condition of membership.

11. RULES & POLICIES: It is a condition of membership that members agree to any rules, policies or codes of conduct agreed at an AGM or EGM and published on the club website.

12. ALTERATIONS: The Constitution may be altered or amended by a majority decision at the AGM or EGM if called by the Committee, provided the proposed alteration or amendment is submitted to the Club at least two weeks before the AGM / EGM.

13. WINDING-UP: The procedure will be to appoint Trustees to realise assets, pay debts and donate any balance to local registered charities.