Data Protection Policy

The Data Protection Act 2018 has replaced the previous legislation (the Data Protection Act 1998) which had established rules for organisations holding personal information. The existing data protection principles are continued effectively unchanged but there is a requirement on the Club to demonstrate our compliance. We are exempt from the requirement to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office but are still subject to the basic requirements of the law. As a Club, we do not require explicit consent to collect personal data as that is implicit in a member’s application for membership. This Policy shall be published on the Club Website and given to all members. It will be reviewed periodically. The Club holds personal information for the legitimate purpose of running the Club and its normal activities.

1. Personal information will be maintained for the following uses: establishing and maintaining membership, administrative activities for Members, providing information to members on Club and related matters.

2. The Club may contact members by email with information related to Club activities or may forward emails received by the Club from third parties. In all cases, email will be sent using BCC.

3. Personal information is data by which you can be identified and is restricted to: Name,
Telephone Number(s), E-mail Address, Postal Address & Year Joined. We also hold a record of your Mother’s maiden name for the purposes of securing access to our ‘darkroom’ and storage at the CE centre if required. We also hold scores obtained in competitions, records of work shown at external competitions, and permission to use images on the website. 

4. Membership records are to be maintained by the Secretary. Other Committee members will have access to this data for the purposes of running competitions etc. Other committee members will keep club data separate from their own private data.

5. Club Members are entitled to access their personal data held by a data controller (Club
Secretary). No reason has to be given for the request.

6. Personal information will not be shared outwith the club without consent of the member. Notwithstanding, membership of the club gives implicit consent to the Club Executive to carry out normal activities of the club and may on occasion result in the sharing of personal information with external organisations whilst entering International, National, Regional and Inter-Club Competitions through such organisations as FIAP, PAGB, RPS, SPF, GDPU and any other photographic organisation, association or society which the club may interact with or be member of.

7. Club committee members may from time to time be in receipt of personal information from a third party such as a member of another club entering an Inter-club competition, or personal information received in the form of results from external organisations such as PAGB/SPF etc. This personal information will be retained in accordance with the procedures above and only for purposes of the activity for which it was provided.

8. The Secretary is to be responsible for the accuracy of membership data and for keeping it up-to-date. Contact details may be held about prospective members while they decide whether to join. Contact details are held about previous members for 3-5 years, in case they decide to re-join. Members can request to have all their data deleted when they resign from the Club.

April 2018 (Version 3)