Margaret Elliot – competition judge

“A little about myself:- I have taken photographs since I used my mother’s box brownie, I continued to use point and shoot compact camera’s.

  It wasn’t until I retired from my hairdressing business in 2003 that I purchased a Canon SLR camera and joined the Dumfries Camera Club. Not understanding the language, I attended the Dumfries College for a course in general photography, I graduated in 2006 with an HND.

I have worked through the club assessments first CPAGB, AFIAP, DPAGB and EFIAP before sitting an assessment to be a judge with the NCPF and the SPF. 

2015 my love of photography drew me to collate an exhibition of prominent buildings which was the work of a local architect from the 1800’s, ‘Walter Newall’. An 8-week project which escalated to 3 and a half years. After researching the architect for so long I published a book on the subject, and had it printed and for sale in 2019. 

2020 brought me back to club awards and on the 14th October 2020, I Submitted a panel of fine art prints to the RPS and was enrolled as an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, ARPS can now be added to my achievements. 

My Web address is