Robert Simpson Competition 2018

Robert Simpson was one of the clubs founder members and was our honorary president. His family donated a trophy to the club after he passed away and this is contested annually.This competition is open to all members so it is hoped that many will enter this year.

This year’s competition will be for prints only.  Members are allowed to submit up to three entries. Normal club rules with respect to sizes, mounting etc are preferable. Entry can now be made through the Photoentry system. Please use the online system to submit the corresponding digital file.

This competition does not have an external judge so if you are wary of entering a competition because you fear what the judge might say about your image you don’t need to worry. You only have to impress your fellow club members with your work!

So how do we award the trophy?

Every member attending will be given a voting form with the option to vote on their top 5 prints from all of those entered. Once every voting form is returned the scores are tallied and the top ten (maybe more depending on the size of the entry) prints will then go into a second round.

In the second round, each member will be handed a second voting form with the option to vote on ONE print. Scores will be tallied and the overall winner will be the print in the second round with the highest number of votes.

In the event of a tie, last year’s winner, Duncan McCallum will have the casting vote.


General rules for the competition

1. The subject of the print can be anything you like.

2. Images must have been captured between 1st January 2017 and 31st December 2017.

3.  The same images or prints MUST NOT have been entered into any previous club or annual competition.

4. Images/Prints entered into the Robert Simpson cup this year are eligible to be entered into the annual competition at the end of this season only.

5. Members cannot vote for their own prints.

6. The closing date for the competition will be Tuesday 13th March 2018. As David won’t be there on the night, he will accept entries at home till Thursday 15th, although online entry must be completed by the 13th.

So, go through your memory cards, hard drives, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, pc’s and film cameras if you still use them and any other device capable of recording a photo and get something printed and bring it along.