How to Submit Images for Member Galleries

To display your images in the member’s galleries, simply follow the steps below.

  • All images must be your own work and no copyright infringement must have taken place to produce your image. In addition, you must not have assigned rights management of the images to a 3rd party such as a picture agency.
  • Select 12 to 16 images that you consider to be a good representation of your photography for display in your gallery on the club’s website at
  • Resize each image to a maximum of 900px wide and a maximum of 600 px high
  • Save each image as a jpg with a file name consisting of a 1) sequence number at the beginning that indicates the order in which you would like them displayed in the slideshow in your gallery) 2) the image title and  3) your name, both first and second, must be present in the filename  (due to the need to do database searches for your images)
  • If you wish  to include concise information about your photographic interests please do
  • Send the images and any background information in an e-mail to the Club Editor. Alternatively, put the images in a folder in a cloud drive (along with any notes) and share the link with the editor

If you have any difficulties with any of these steps, please do not hesitate to contact me, as I am more than happy to help to have your work displayed on the club’s web site.